Smug isn’t pretty.


As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things on my 100 Things to Do this Year List is to do 100 acts of kindness.  I sure do like the number 100, it seems.  Well, I just love when I learn something about myself while working through my list.

For instance, I don’t enjoy going home and writing down that I did something nice for someone on a list, as if it’s a pat on the back or a “hey, look at me!  I’m being nice!  100 times!”.  It feels….smug.  And smug isn’t pretty.  Of course I was doing it to keep track of the number of things, so I’d know when I get to a hundred, but I’ve decided that I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing 100 – hopefully more, and so I’ll just consider that one done at the end of the year.  And it won’t just be some list thing, but a life thing.  The more I’ve looked for ways to be kind to others, the easier it is and it doesn’t need to be a “special act”.  It needs to be a way of being for me.

Growing!  Love it!