Redecorating my home office.

A few years ago a friend of mine who is a professional organizer came over and helped me get my home office organized.  I loved the work she did (I’m still using a lot of the organizational systems she taught me), but what I did not love after actually WORKING in the office for a few days was that she had moved my gigantic desk underneath the window.  At first I thought, oh how nice!  But when actually working there, I had to dodge the sun in the mornings as it beamed straight in the window and I found myself working there less and less due to the constant glare.

I knew the solution would be to flip the large U-shaped desk around to face the opposite wall, but there were three large bookcases there.  The project just seemed too large to do and I knew I’d need my husband to help me.

FIVE YEARS LATER and ta-da, we finally did it.  I’m posting pictures here because a few friends have asked to see it.  I absolutely love it – all the colors, the brightness of the room (without the glare in my face all day!), how relaxing and calm it all is.  I love working in it.  WIN!


Click pictures to make bigger if you want to see detail.


Where the work gets done.

Where the work gets done.


Gigantic u-shaped desk that I painted and distressed.

Gigantic u-shaped desk that I painted and distressed.



The shelves behind me and the window of LIGHT!


A closer look at the selves - color, color, color!

A closer look at the selves – color, color, color!


For a little added color/interest I papered the back of the shelves.

For a little added color/interest I papered the back of the shelves.





My desk.

My desk.


Mr. P protects my office.

Mr. P protects my office.


To the left of my desk is my whiteboard usually with my month's tasks outlined for me to check off.

To the left of my desk is my whiteboard usually with my month’s tasks outlined for me to check off.


To the right of my desk - I papered this extremely boring cork board and put pink washi tape around the edges.

To the right of my desk – I papered this extremely boring cork board and put pink washi tape around the edges.



The file cabinet is in a weird spot but it’s just craft storage. True file storage is in a gigantic lateral file cabinet behind the mysterious green curtain.


And of course my office is not complete without a space for my doggie.

And of course my office is not complete without a space for my doggie.



The Four Agreements

I recently read The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz  and I am fascinated by the idea of using them as a life guidepost.


Click to make bigger to read.

Mostly because they gave me (when explained deeper) so many a-ha moments:

I can love everyone the best I can, but I no longer need to spend one more second worrying about what people think of me.

I also can’t explain how FREEING it is to live by these.  It takes a lot of work, but I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my stress levels since implementing them.  Who needs all that emotional poison otherwise?

Sometimes, I have trouble with these four agreements.  Especially when someone says or does something to me that CLEARLY is made personal AND is impossible NOT to jump to assumptions about.  When that happens, my husband says I should just practice #5:  Shut the hell up.  Well now, that makes sense.

There’s a prayer in the book that I just love.  I love it SO much that I actually typed it up, printed it and I read it aloud every morning.  What a fantastic way to start the day.

Today, Creator of the Universe, I ask that you come to me and share with me a strong communion of love.  I know that your real name is Love, that to have a communion with you means to share the same vibration, the same frequency that you are, because you are the only thing that exists in the universe.
Today, help me to be like you are, to love life, to be life, to be love.  Help me to love the way you love, with no conditions, no expectations, no obligations, without any judgment.  Help me to love and accept myself without any judgment, because when I judge myself I find myself guilty and need to be punished.
Help me to love everything you create unconditionally, especially other human beings, especially those who live around me – all my relatives and people who I try so hard to love.  Because when I reject them, I reject myself, I reject you.
Help me to love others the way they are with no conditions.  Help me to accept them the way they are, without judgment, because if I judge them, I find them guilty, I blame them, and I have the need to punish them.
Today, clean my heart of any emotional poison that I have, free my mind from any judgment so that I can live in complete peace and complete love.
Today is a very special day.  Today I open my heart to love again so that I can tell others “I love you” without fear, and really mean it.  Today, I offer myself to you.  Come to me, use my voice, use my eyes, use my hands and use my heart to share myself in a communion of love with everyone.  Today, Creator, help me to be just like you are.  Thank you for everything that I receive this day, especially for the freedom to be who I really am.


What about you?  Have you read The Four Agreements?  What did you think?




I like to look at blogs and pretty things. (Part 2)

More places for you to discover (when your boss isn’t looking)….

Helen Jane – she’s taking a hiatus and will be back in July, but you should cruise her site anyway.  She has lovely party ideas, she writes about every day life beautifully and her family is adorable.  Her sangria recipe is my go-to when I’m entertaining.  And her menu planning inspired me to do my own version with Dinners This Week (thank you, Helen Jane!  You possibly saved my marriage! *wink*)

Oh Happy Day – this site is basically an online party every single day.  So many cute ideas for parties, entertaining, crafts, DIY gifts, how to live life with flare, it’s unbelievable.  Just don’t be like me and read it right before you go to bed – you’ll be up for a long time looking at cute things and lose a lot of sleep.

The Bloggess – a quirky blog, this gal is so funny.  WHEN I get her level of humor.  But she’s also kind-hearted and has helped a lot of people address depression and anxiety, two issues she is very familiar with.  She is also the author of one of my favorite books ever, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, a super funny story about her childhood.

The Meshugana Momma – this is my friend Carolyn.  She writes exactly the way she talks (and sings!) – beautifully.  I think, and I haven’t had a chance to prove it YET, but I think she IS Wonder Woman.  She writes about life in ways that (especially us ladies) THINK, but have a hard time articulating.  And she’s funny.

Chookooloonks – I can’t get enough of this lady.  Karen is an amazing photographer and story teller who sees the beauty in E V E R Y T H I N G, including you.  How she manages such a busy and full life with so much joy and gusto, I’ll never know.  I’m just happy to be inspired by her.

Your turn – what blogs are you visiting on a regular basis?

Did you miss Part 1?  Here you go.


I like to look at blogs and pretty things. (Part 1)

When time permits, I like to take a break and surf around to some of my favorite spots on the web.  Some are new to me and some have been long time haunts.  Many of them are where I get the inspiration for things I do / want to do.  I thought I’d share some with you – in case you need suggestions of where to rest your eyes between spreadsheet making or whatnot.  I’m just going to give you a few at a time because I don’t want to overwhelm you.

AB Chao:  She hasn’t posted for a while but she sure posts purty pictures of every day life.  And her home is drool-worthy, so there’s that.

Finslippy:  Alice Bradley is one of the best writers I’ve ever come across.  She’s so conversational that at times I want to say “I KNOW!” and jump in on the conversation out loud, but I don’t think she’d hear me.  She’s witty, and her family is adorable, too.

Design*Sponge:  Shiny, shiny objects.  DIY ideas that I always think YES to but never seem to happen.  But!  Shiny objects!!

Mighty Girl:  That girl online that is so witty, smart, and Wonder-Womanish and you want to be jealous of her but you can’t because she’s just so darn nice and  you end up just wanting to be like her.  I’ve been reading her for ages and she has so many great ideas and knows how to have fun.  She inspired me to do my year long Champagne & Chocolate Fridays and my 100 List – she’s a big believer in making to do lists – I still need to get myself set up on Go Mighty.

Modern Seinfeld:  A funny Twitter feed sending up what Seinfeld and gang would be up to if they were still on television today.  As a huge Seinfeld fan, I couldn’t find it funnier.

I’ll give you a few more in a couple of days.  In the meantime, if you know of some place you think I’d like, do share!