So many things.

I’m in a weird place.  I feel like I’ve gone from 0 mph to 100 mph.  I like it, it feels more like who I really am and want to be, but I’m also scared.  I don’t always FEEL 100% but I push through.  But, I suppose everyone does?  Actually, as of this writing I’m in a super bad mood. I know it’s temporary, so I’m waiting for the fog to lift and I’m trying very hard not to stew in the juices that set me off in the first place.  Let’s talk about what’s up instead, shall we?

BDC collage


I’m creating.  My latest obsession is turning treasured cards into little pieces of art so that I can look at them all the time. I can’t stop, really. They’re so fun to make, and they’re super easy. Love. I’m also constantly making gifts and cards for friends – one of my favorite past times is thinking of the recipient and smiling while I make them a treat.

I’m planning.  I’m finally getting around to getting my new business off the ground. Did you know there are exactly 2,495,917 things to do when you set up a new business? Oh, it’s true. My goal is to launch full throttle early October, so Mama has her work cut out for her. There probably won’t be a lot of sleep involved, but I am beyond excited.  BEYOND.

I’m fun-ning.  I have been a social butterfly of late. Foodie group. Bunco. Book club. Eating gourmet waffles with a girlfriend, having ladies tea with two others.  It’s been nice.

I’m focusing.  At least I’m trying to. I have really been spending a lot of time with myself working on completing tasks, and not jumping from one to another, leaving a pile of half-dones behind me. It feels good, but it’s oh-so-new for me.

It may not seem like it, but it’s all….so many things right now. So, I’m list making. I’m goal setting. I’m trying to just do one thing at a time, as time allows.

It’s a good space to be in.

For the most part.

I just need to be careful not to overwhelm myself. Isn’t that what they refer to as self care?  Yeah, that’s new to me.

I’m self-caring. Checking my vitals now and then.  Everyone should, really.

I’m in a weird place.