[Champagne & Chocolate Fridays] It’s DONE!

Crown champagne

Last weekend I poured glass upon glass of champagne to close down my year-long Champagne & Chocolate Fridays tradition with about 40 friends and family!  We had amazing chocolate desserts made by amazing friends.  More amazing friends brought more chocolate and more champagne.  It was a night to remember, for sure.

In my one year of doing C&C Fridays, I only missed two.  One was when I was in the hospital (weird that they won’t let you have champagne and chocolate when they think you have a heart condition), and the other was just a couple weeks later when one Friday night I cut a huge chunk out of my right thumb while cooking dinner.  That ruined my evening, to say the least.  So other than that, I did it EVERY week.  Not all C&Cs are posted here, because a few of them were private.  Most people participated in them when I’d post the entries on Facebook and I loved, loved, loved when folks shared what THEY were toasting to on a particular weekend.

While the weekly tradition is over, I certainly won’t stop eating chocolate and drinking champagne.  I just won’t be spotlighting it.  It’s a fun way to treat yourself and an even better to take a moment each week for a little gratitude.  I’m so glad I took the time. 



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