[Champagne & Chocolate Fridays] It’s DONE!

Crown champagne

Last weekend I poured glass upon glass of champagne to close down my year-long Champagne & Chocolate Fridays tradition with about 40 friends and family!  We had amazing chocolate desserts made by amazing friends.  More amazing friends brought more chocolate and more champagne.  It was a night to remember, for sure.

In my one year of doing C&C Fridays, I only missed two.  One was when I was in the hospital (weird that they won’t let you have champagne and chocolate when they think you have a heart condition), and the other was just a couple weeks later when one Friday night I cut a huge chunk out of my right thumb while cooking dinner.  That ruined my evening, to say the least.  So other than that, I did it EVERY week.  Not all C&Cs are posted here, because a few of them were private.  Most people participated in them when I’d post the entries on Facebook and I loved, loved, loved when folks shared what THEY were toasting to on a particular weekend.

While the weekly tradition is over, I certainly won’t stop eating chocolate and drinking champagne.  I just won’t be spotlighting it.  It’s a fun way to treat yourself and an even better to take a moment each week for a little gratitude.  I’m so glad I took the time. 



Their story is not MY story.


A young mother loses her impossibly beautiful baby boy just a few weeks after he’s born from sudden death syndrome.

This amazingly motivational and talented teenager has terminal cancer.

This woman died of cancer shortly after starting a family.

This guy died from a blood clot in his ankle.

A long time married couple called it quits because one of them was bored.

A simple bee sting kills a pregnant mother.

Sad, sad stories all around us. We are bombarded with them everywhere we look, so it’s easy to think OH MY GOD IT’S TRAGEDY ALL AROUND US.

Well yes, tragedy IS all around us, but not right now in my own immediate world. In fact, in my immediate world today is pretty lovely.


That’s a great attitude, right? I mean, maybe it WILL, but who’s to say?

What I need to do is to stop reading the stories going around Facebook with titles like: Family tragedy or ANYTHING ABOUT A SICK PERSON.

Because while my heart breaks for those whose story it IS, I’m ALWAYS wondering if it will be my story someday. I can’t live with my head in the sand and think nothing horrible will ever happen to me – and there’s the whole zen of living in the present….but then I think about the people who’s tragedies happened as THEY were living zen in the present. And then boom.

It is life. It is ugly, it is mean sometimes but what I’m trying to remember is that THEIR STORY is not MY STORY, and really MY STORY is the only one I should be concerned about. And to not worry about if I’ll have a similar story to share one day.

How do YOU avoid getting sucked into tragic stories and not making them your own? Please share.