Me, lately.


Most of the time: 

Oh yeah!  I’m productive!

Getting stuff done and loving it!

Having fun!

Yes, I will go there!

Yay, I will do this fun thing!

Oh my gosh my life is FUN!

I love the whole world!


Woooo.  WOOOOOO!

And then instead of the normal balance most people have between that and down time where you just AREN’T wooooo-woooooo:

There’s too much to do.

I can’t do it all.

I can’t even do some of it.


I’d rather sleep.

I hate this and this and this about me.

Oh, there’s this problem. And now this.  Oh good, bring on that problem too!


This is normal, right?  At least it’s not all the latter all the time like it was a year ago, RIGHT?




[100 Things] Completed since January (Part 2)

Chris Wagner

51. Take a live meditation class (Done! 3/29/14)

I love having talented and amazing friends who can help me reach my goals.  My friend Chris Wagner put on an amazing workshop called “Mental Spring Cleaning Workshop” and my favorite parts were the beautiful, moving, mental clearing meditations.  So good not just for the head, but for the soul.  I had already been a s0metimes-meditator, but since then I’ve been trying to meditate every day.  Thanks, Chris!

52. Take a wine and painting class (Done! 3/15/14 and 4/19/14!)

I have to admit, I was skeeeered about taking this class.  I didn’t take art in high school (I was told art “isn’t my thing”).  So this was my first painting class.  And it was a complete blast (especially thanks to my friend Margaret!).

PaintNite Collage

I loved that the artist took us STEP BY STEP through the whole thing.  You might end up with a different interpretation of her painting, but you still walk out with a great painting – that you did yourself.  High five!

I loved it so much that I did it again with more friends!


55. Set up 100 resolutions FB group (Done!)

I set up a private (invisible!) group around the who concept of 100 Things to Do This Year and I’m so glad that I did because it’s been fun to chat with other friends who are striving to get some well-intentioned and FUN things done this year.  Of course it’s not necessary to have 100 things on the list, it could be just a few, but I love love love when someone updates that they accomplished something they’ve been meaning to or always wanted to do!  YAY for support.

64. Art journal for 30 days straight (Done! March 17-April 15)


I normally play in my art journal 4x per week, but on my list was a self-imposed challenge to do 30 days straight.  It was…hard.  And fun at the same time.  Fun to create, but some days I was up late scrambling to get in a page before midnight.  Still, I learned a lot in the process and I’m even more passionate about learning more techniques.  It’s true what they say about tasks you do for 21 days straight becoming a habit.  Even though towards the end of the challenge I was SO! READY! for a break, the days after I was still ready to sit down at my normal time of day to create.  I love that.

70. Have nieces over for a sleepover (Done! 3/16/14)

Fun times!  Even though they aren’t little-little girls anymore and there was no Disney movie involved, we had dinner and played games and had a good long talk before bed.  And off-to-school-rush in the morning.  Yay!

81. Learn card making (Done! 3/15/14)


My friend Julie (Hi Julie! xoxo) makes amazingly beautiful cards.  Like, STUNNING.  She takes a class taught by a very talented lady in our area, and she invited me to one!  Because I love to play with paper, I thought MAYBE I’d be okay at making them?  But these cards are ADVANCED.  Here’s the first card we made in the class (hint: the teacher had to make that flower in the middle for me because “whaaaaaat”?  Awesome.  But it got me to fall in love with card making, and since then I’ve made a few for friends and family:


Collage 43014

Yay.  Onward and upward!  Part 1 is here, if you missed it.


[100 Things] Completed since January (Part 1)

I’ve decided to post whenever I’ve completed something from my 100 Things to Do This Year list.   I’m sure it won’t make for riveting reading for anyone else other than myself (and even that might be a stretch).  Yet it feels good to cross things off – things I’ve wanted to get around to, things I’ve dreamed of doing – heck after a year of being the most unproductive person ever, it feels good just to see that things are moving along in my life. Really, it’s just for me to remember what I did, rather than just using check marks on a list.  So, I’ll write about them when they’re done.  Even if it’s just a little something.

I’ll start by catching up on some of the things I’ve already completed since January:

11. Join and use Pinterest (Done!)

Pinterest logo

Oh, Pinterest.  I resisted for so long, but the siren?  It was LOUD.  Mostly because people kept sending me arts and crafts ideas from it via email and I finally thought to myself, “this is silly – just set up an account.”  I actually think it’s going to be one of my best tools for my new business, but I the big problem is, I could spend FOREVER on it.  I’m not even completely sure how it works, but oh boy can I click-click-click with the best of them.

14. Learn a new game (Done! Liar’s Dice 1/1/14) It felt pretty good crossing off an item on the FIRST DAY. I love, love, love playing games but I never seem to play any very often.  I played Liar’s Dice with a big group of friends after midnight on New Year’s Eve, so I believe it counted.  Here’s how to play, and boy is it addicting.  I think I won my first game after barely learning how to play.

21. Get a clock for living/dining room (Done! 2/18/14)


We’ve only needed a clock in the living room for about 9 years or so.  There isn’t an appropriate wall space to hang one (the entire back row of the living room/dining room is windows, so the next best thing was a table top clock.  I found this retro beauty at a garage sale….for $2.00.

40. Synch contacts Phone-Tablet-PC (Done!)

Between all three devices, my contacts were a mess.  It took me a long time, but I broke this project down into pieces so that I wouldn’t have a fit and completely give up.  BUT, I do enjoy having all of my contacts on EVERY device I work on, rather than pulling up a contact and thinking, “Oh that’s right.  Her cell phone is on my computer contact.  UGH.

47. Read the Four Doors (Done!)

My friend Kelly gave me this book back in November, and while it’s a short read, it made a great impact on me.  I really enjoyed the conversational tone the author used, and I learned that there are basically four doors to walk through to improve your life:  1) Believe there was a reason you were born; 2) Free yourself from limitations, 3) magnify your life and 4) develop a love-centered map.  Worth the read.

More to come in the next post….


[Champagne & Chocolate Fridays] Scandal





I’m toasting these girls who got to do C&C with me. All three of us are Gladiators (SCANDAL!), and so Margaret had us over today for a yummy lunch and the season finale of Scandal. Oh, dear! My heart!

Kelly is toasting a potential new car (ooooh!) and Margaret is toasting the fun that was today and the season finale of Scandal.

Let me just say Scandal a couple more times. Scandal.

Okay, Scandal. Now you tell me what YOU’RE toasting to this weekend.