[FINISHED!] Do 100 Fun Things this Summer (#76-100)

Well, I did it.  I was sweating the very last week (the first official day of Fall was Sunday, September 22nd), and I still had 13 or so things to do before the deadline.  And after I crossed the finish line, I promptly got sick with some sort of stomach/cold bug.  Gee, I wonder why?  At the end of the list I’ll share how I felt doing this project.

76) Dinner with Geoff and Karen.


77) Hubby’s homemade old fashioned popcorn for movie night.


78) The return of Portlandia.

Off the Grid

79) Off the Grid San Francisco and Humphry Slocombe ice cream with these fine friends.

80) Helped make a fancy Beef Wellington dinner for friends.

81) Went to dinner at the “Hauf” with the Boyd’s.

82) Lunch with longtime friend Debbie (who I hadn’t seen in almost 2 years)

83) Lunch with Miss Kammy!

84) Amazing meal at the Firebird.

85) Nana’s welcome home luncheon.

86) Shopping for craft supplies – actually looking around for inspiration rather than just in and out for what I need.

87) Visit with my new neighbor Linda, touring her home and talking interior design.


88) Went to the movies by myself for the first time in my life – and in the middle of the day no less.

89) Paid for a senior citizen behind me at the movies.


90) Sent some treats to people I love.

91) September’s BUNCO.

92) Meeting Annie’s family and laughing so hard at her story of giving her husband directions when he got home so that he wouldn’t mess the house.  “You can take a shower, but don’t touch the towels, the floor, the doorknobs….”



93) My friend Kenny grooving and singing “Ebony and Ivory” for me during a Skype meeting.


94) Starting to write what I’m grateful every day and to be able to see how my week is progressing.  (Thanks, CoCo!)


95) Watching my husband and his team compete in a triathlon.


96) Finding a new location for a fabulous Mexican restaurant my husband and I used to frequent in our first neighborhood after we got married and thinking it was long gone.  And it still being as good as I remembered.

Mad Men marathon

97) Mad Men marathon. 

Hubby bday1

98) Hubby’s birthday celebration #1.

Hubby bday 2

99) Hubby’s birthday SECOND birthday celebration.


100) Crafting:  painting art for my bedroom.

What I learned from this project:

Well, I just looked back at the entire list of 100 fun things, and I’m a little teary.  Or maybe I had to step away and honk into a tissue because I was a lot teary.  I’m not telling which.

This project was one of the most important things I’ve done for myself in probably…well, this will sound dramatic….my whole life.  I learned so much, but the biggest thing I learned was:  PUT ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER, SISTER.

Some days I had to have very intense talks with myself about following through on fun things I had planned.  But I did them, loved them, and am so glad that I pushed through.

I learned that you have to make your own fun.  And that it’s all around you, and it doesn’t have to big or showy or exhausting.

I didn’t set a list of things I was going to do for fun – I just looked around, or people wanted to be a part of it and would offer up something fun, or I would be sitting in an ordinary moment and realize all of a sudden:  I am having fun.

Such a difference from last summer.  And probably the last 10 summers. 

So many experiences changed my world this summer:

  • I reached out and made friends, walking into situations where I didn’t know a soul, and I made SO many friends in my neighborhood – two of whom I really, REALLY clicked with.
  • I checked a few things off my “bucket list”.
  • I started a new hobby of crafting – something I thought I would NEVER do or have a talent for, and I can’t tell you how therapeutic it was for me.
  • I found a church home which has elevated my restless spiritual life in such a peaceful and fun way.
  • I found a passion for garage sale and thrifting, who knew.
  • I laughed more.  I goofed off.  I wasn’t afraid to be silly.  I got my spirit back.
  • I found the bravery I needed to get the help I need through some real struggles.

It was the best summer of my life.

I will continue looking for the fun in every day, and I hope you will, too.  xoxo




Champagne & Chocolate Fridays – Medicinal

Champagne & Chocolate Fridays

This week I’m toasting to the fact that the week is over, and with it I wish for my wonky-sickness to thusly depart and for next week to be healthy and glowy. Champagne is medicinal, right?

Please tell me all the good things YOU are toasting this week. Mama needs to hear them.

Champagne & Chocolate Fridays – Great Friends Edition

Champagne & Chocolate Fridays

Whoo-boy. This week I’m toasting cramming as much fun in as possible to complete my “Do 100 Fun Things this Summer” project, discovering new music, friends who groove on Skype just to make you laugh, and friends who return the plastic Starbucks commuter cup you neglected at their house…with a Starbucks gift card and the sweetest card ever oh my gosh THANK YOU, Annie!

What are YOU toasting this week?! Sharing is caring!

Champagne & Chocolate Fridays – Hip Dance

Champagne & Chocolate Fridays

This has been an incredibly busy week. Champagne and chocolate at lunch today because I’ll be otherwise preoccupied this evening.

I’m toasting to good list making, long lost nephews who call and make your day, book club selections made easier, little girls who make you laugh with their “hip dance”, and cheeseburgers. Blessed, blessed cheeseburgers.

What are YOU toasting to? Tell me. TELL ME!