Do 100 Fun Things this Summer (#31-40)

31)  Ate lunch outside with hubby and Mike at Jack’s.


32) Re-arranged and added a pop of red accessories to living room and dining room.


33) Became pen pals with one of my girlfriend’s young daughter.

34) Went to see Kevin Hart’s “Let Me Explain”.  Kevin is one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever seen.  Please do  yourself a favor and Google one of his bits about having permission from his Mom to cuss out his teacher.  It is HIGHLY not safe for work, but so funny.


35) Got some amazing steals at a neighbor’s garage sale for a total of $25.  The table with glass top and fabric, bottle caps (in which she taught me how to make an adorable craft with them), a vintage red bag that I love almost more than life itself and a gigantic picture frame which I have set for a project.

36) Went to the Davis Ranch Corn Festival.

37) Went to a Tupperware party at my friend Mary’s.

38) Saw “The Heat” with my brand new friend Terry.

39) Went to a Pampered Chef party at my friend Kelly’s.


40) July Bunco with my neighborhood group,  in which I won the “traveling” prize.  Yay!

What are YOU doing that’s especially fun this summer?  Tell me, please.  TELL ME!

#s 1-30 can be found here.


How did I get here? The Beginning (Part 1)

Faking it

Although a lot of this “stuff” has been floating in the background of my life for quite sometime, I’m choosing to mark Spring 2012 as to when I finally said “enough is enough” and decided to get help for the lousy way I was feeling.  I thought I’d take some medicine, and viola, easy fix.


Allow me to back up.  The “stuff” was: Frequent sickness (showing up as sinus issues, major fatigue, lethargy, colds/flu), frustration with trying to “keep all the balls in the air!”, low self-esteem, and negative self-talk.

By getting help, I mean I went and saw my primary physician.  She diagnosed seasonal allergies, depression, and anxiety.  And a full blood work up later revealed Type 2 Diabetes.  While allergies and Type 2 Diabetes sounded treatable, I wasn’t quite sure the depression and anxiety were – I felt like I had only been depressed and anxious because I had felt so “sick” for so long.  So I didn’t take that one too seriously, and although I tried an antidepressant for a couple of weeks, it gave me horrible nausea and I told my doctor I’d rather treat the allergies and Type 2 diabetes and then SEE if I am still “depressed” and “anxious”.

And then, a full panel of allergy testing (including to things I was SURE I was allergic to) with an allergist came out….completely negative.  Meaning, I wasn’t allergic to ANYTHING.  This?  Made me mad.  The allergist said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone MAD that they don’t have allergies…”  But, I was.  Because I wanted to get to the bottom of what was giving me huge sinus issues and misery and TREAT IT.

Treating Type 2 Diabetes was (and still is, a year later) a longer process.  I tried two oral medications, both of which made me extremely ill, and finally went to insulin.  It took a long time to figure out what foods I could and couldn’t eat, how much insulin I should take and when, what would affect my blood sugar levels, etc.  I was more than willing to change my diet, and to be faithful with the insulin, and I have.  ANYTHING to feel better.

Yet, I wasn’t.  I wasn’t feeling better.  I was still extremely tired.  My body felt heavy.  I had weird aches and pains everywhere.  I had wicked insomnia, often still up when hubby got up at 4:45 to go to the gym.

I began to REALLY hide from the world, now.  I was doing some self-discovery and the things that I began finding (thought patterns, incidents in my childhood and youth) were bubbling up and I was getting more and more depressed.  I didn’t want to see anyone.  I didn’t want to leave the house.  If I DID see someone it took every ounce of energy in my being to be all “happy” and “nothing wrong here!” around them.  I felt like I was letting people down when they’d ask to do things, I got tired of having to say no to things, so I just shut down.

In October of last year I put up a shingle on my career that said “on a six month break!” and for a tiny while I  was hopeful that I would figure this out.  I would get down to the bottom of why I felt so horrible both physically and mentally.  I’d knock it out and be back six months later BETTER and STRONGER than I had been before.  YES!

Next time, I’ll tell you how that worked out.

Do 100 Fun Things this Summer (#1-30)

Last summer I was pretty much laid up on my family room couch or in my bedroom, because I was making myself physically and emotionally sick.  So, last summer was no bueno.

THIS summer I decided that I’m going to make the most out of it.  I’m still having a few health challenges that slow me down a bit, but I’m looking around at what I CAN do for fun – big or small, and I’m going to knock out (at least) 100 things by the time summer ends on September 21st.

Here are my first 30:

1) Officially decided to go by Bea, when I’ve wanted to for so long but never had the nerve to ask people.  Love it!

2) Bought some fun sandals and flip flops.

3) Lunch and pedicure with my sister.


4) Saw Le Miserables (the play) with my mother-in-law. (I had never seen it before).


5) Neon pink fingernails.

6) Saw Iron Man 3 in 3D.

Flower art stage 2

7) Created flower art for above the TV.

8) Eyebrows done professionally for the very first time (embarrassing, but fun!).


9) Lunch outdoors with 5 girlfriends.


10) Sitting under a tree at the lake.

11) Saw Man of Steel in 3D.

12) Lunch with my brother and sister-in-law in my hometown.

13) Spontaneous run for frozen yogurt right during a movie at home.


14) Late night dinner al fresco.

15) Found a church home.

16) Played bunco with new neighborhood group.


17) Midori Margarita.

18) Drive in the country.

flower farm

19) A visit to the flower farm.

20) A visit to Jackson Rancheria

21) Crafting – made personalized coasters.

22) Coffee with Fred and Doug

23) Nana’s Bon Voyage dinner.

24) Crafting with the windows open and listening to the rain.


25) Lunch with Karen.

26) Crafting:  Art for guest bath (using paint chips) – want to redo bigger.

27) Spontaneous sushi lunch with husband and Amalia.

28) Dinner at Roxy’s and watching Hoss do an improv show.

29) Went out for a piece of pie with husband at 10:30 p.m.


30) 4th of July – making a raspberry cream pie and sharing fireworks with my nieces.