100 Things to Do This Year


Lists, lists, lists.  I love them.  Having a list of things to do in front of me is what keeps me moving and focused.  I didn’t want to make a “bucket” list, though.  I wanted something grandiose that I could challenge myself to do within a year.  I’d have to do all of this full time in order to make it  happen, but it’s fun to have goals.  To do those things I said I’d do “some day”.  Or those nagging things that roll around my head and never get done.  Or things I’ve always wanted to try.  Some take an afternoon, some are longer projects and some will be dedicated projects that last all year.  We’ll see how I do.

Inspired by Maggie Mason and Sah-rah

1. Learn Zumba Yoga
2. Picnic at the park behind my house
3. Make a home cookbook
4. Post to my blog once a week (In process)
5. Keep Champagne & Chocolate Friday project going until goal date (Done!  Finished on my birthday!)
6. Read 20 books  (In process11 down!)
7. Use my fondue pot
8. Have a sushi making dinner with J.
9. Do a Pop-up dinner party
10. Do a neighborhood progressive dinner

11. Join and use Pinterest (Done!)
12. Eat dinner in backyard
13. Learn my camera
14. Learn a new game (Done! Liar’s Dice 1/1/14)
15. Learn how to use my tablet (In process)
16. Organize digital pictures (In process)
17. Get a brighter light for my office
18. Find wedding album
19. Organize kitchen
20. Re-cover couch pillows

21. Get a clock for living/dining room (Done! 2/18/14)
22. Clean out storage tables
23. Clean out drawers of TV stand
24. Get light bulbs for hutch
25. Get recliners tightened
26. Get melted stove knobs replaced
27. Add more photos to hallway collage (Done! 8/7/14)
28. Order a canvas of our family portrait
29. Clean out coat closet
30. Clean out linen closet

31. Clean out my bathroom cabinet (Done! 7/23/14)
32. Clean out guest bath drawers and cabinets
33. Redecorate guest bedroom (In process)
34. Clean out guest closet (In process)
35. Decorate out front/courtyard (new mat [done!], plants, lights)
36. Private
37. Organize computer files
38. Clean out email inbox
39. Back up computer
40. Synch contacts Phone-Tablet-PC (Done!)

41. Create an organized network spreadsheet (Done! 5/1/14)
42. Do Right Brain Business Plan (In process)
43. Teach first class that is all profit
44. Private
45. Create a focused routine/schedule (In process)
46. Private (In process)
47. Read the Four Doors (Done!)
48. Read the Four Agreements (Done!)
49. Attend church regularly
50. Do health meditations all the way through (In process)
51. Take a live meditation class (Done! 3/29/14)
52. Take a wine and painting class (Done! 3/15/14)
53. Take mindfulness series at Kaiser (Done!  4 weeks in June)
54. Have a Family game night/day
55. Set up 100 resolutions FB group (Done!)
56. Set up a WAG FB group (Done! 5/29/14)
57. Write a letter to [Someone influential from my youth] (Done!  7/20/14
58. Write a letter to [Someone influential from my youth] (Done! 7/20/14)
59. Private
60. One full week of an FB and texting sabbatical

61. Watch Sing Blue Silver with Julie
62. Finish watching all of Mad Men (Done! 7/24/14)
63. Art journal or do some kind of art 4x per week (In process)
64. Art journal for 30 days straight (Done! March 17-April 15)
65. Plan and take a pet-friendly vacation
66. Do an open house luncheon every other month (In process. Done: February, April)
67. Organize photos by month all year (In process – Done: January, February, March)
68. Create an end-of-year “best of” video
69. Make 10 new things with toilet paper / paper towel rolls (1. Rosebud canvas art.  2. Rosebud monogram 3. Butterfly painting)
70. Have nieces over for a sleepover (Done! 3/16/14)
71. Private
72. Private
73. Private
74. Private
75. Clean out closet file cabinet
76. Clean out black file cabinet (Done! 6/28/14)
77. Bring more bling/sparkle into the house (In process)
78. Have Rick teach me how to make Grandma’s Chocolate Cake
79. New plates for plate holder in dining room (Done!  8/3/14)
80. Watch entire Twilight Zone series (in process)    Abandoning because….BORING.

81. Learn card making (Done! 3/15/14)
82. Visit an art museum
83. Make a 2013 photo book
84. Go to 3 movies alone  (In process.  One down 3/8/14!)
85. Work or read in a coffee shop once a month (In process.  Done: January, February, March) I decided not to be FORCED to do this because it’s on my list!
86. Clean out small garage
87. Clean out big garage
88. Learn how to hang plates on the wall
89. Add to thrifted champagne flute collection once a month (Done: January, February, March. April, May, June, July.  In August I bought 15 more – plenty through end of year!)
90. Do 100 acts of kindness (In process – at 52)
91. Make sequined mirror
92. Write a letter to Nicole at least once a month (In process.  Done: January, February, March, April, May, June, July)
93. Reach out to Barbara every now and then (In process.)
94. Clean out master closet  (In process.)
95. Decorate water closet
96. Celebrate what got done this year
97. Make next year’s 100 list
98. Learn 10 art journal techniques (In process. Done: 1. Collaging 2. Segmented background 3. Wax paper background 4. Paint pantina)
99. Pedicure every month May – September
100. Get a library card


3 thoughts on “100 Things to Do This Year

  1. Great list but if I can add my unasked for editorial comment… #99 should be Jan through December because there great! Who cares if no one sees it but you. 🙂 Glad you are off to such a great start with your 100!

    • I swear you’ve read my mind because I was actually thinking that after I went back and read the post, checking for corrections. You’re right – it feels SO GOOD, too! Thanks so much!!!

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